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Processor / Pilot / Server & Concentrator IoT

CysBOX System is an open and scalable system that simplifies the electronic management of the boat by using the most recent technologies (ARM processors, radio communications, etc.) while remaining compatible with existing wiring (NMEA183, NMEA2000, etc…)

  • Server & Hub
    CysBox collects all the information from the various sensors of the boat and / or its internal sensors: wind, speed, acceleration, heading, position, temperature, etc…
    CysBox broadcasts this information to the internal processor and / or an external processing unit (PC): SignalK server, MCCP, IP or USB connection
  • Processor
    CysBox supports various software options: recording, calculations for pilot control, management of voice alarms, navigation software
  • Pilot
    CysBox can be connected to control systems and rudder angle sensors